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May 19, 2012:
Quadrofoil Design Revealed.


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How does the Quadrofoil Personal Watercraft Compare to the Jet Ski?

2 Seater Hydrofoil

Compared to Jet Skis and personal watercraft, the Quadrofoil is a bit different in that it is electric and has traditional seats instead of the motorcycle-like seating of Skidoo and Jet-Ski style vehicles. The Quadrofoil is expected to have a $19,000 price tag, which puts it in a more premium category, but this may have an appeal to eco-conscious boaters or those looking for a different kind of ride on the water. Because the craft is a hydrofoil, instead of a water jet, and it does not use gasoline, it could be seen as less polluting than all other craft outside of rowboats and sailboats. The solar panel accessory also would indicate that it can be charged when not in use, but the question then arises as to how much time it would take to fully charge the craft when most pleasure boaters spend their days on the water. Quadrofoil technology is still in its infancy, but there could be a lot of interesting uses for an electric water vehicle that can go 60 miles between charges, and it might function as a sort of quiet water taxi for those who are looking to get from their island retreats to the mainland without using a ferry.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Like any other product in development, it may be necessary to assess the hazards of quadrofoils at a later date, since an electric watercraft is certainly going to be quiet and may present a navigation hazard in fog or darkness.